Валентин Попов: Анотация за Полина Лъвчиева

Имах удоволствието да напиша първата си анотация не за кой да е, а за Полина Лъвчиева. Млада авторка, която издаде втори сборник с разкази „My other face“ на английски език, който бе представян по време на турнето на русенската банда Claymore „Between Two Worlds“ в централна и източна Европа.

Ето и самата анотация:

At that fleeting place, where magic meets the sword with tenderness and delicacy, lies the hidden world of “Her Highness” Lady Pol the Beloved.

Polina Lavchieva is a passionate author with a bright style, skillfully using words and metaphors. Delicately touching quill to parchment she lays out a rich tapestry of worlds, in which magic is escorted by bloody battles to maintain honor and dignity. Her stories are not just prose, but project images in front of the reader’s eyes, galloping the imagination across the pages.

Her biography already includes a bilingual collection of fantasy fairy-tales in her biography, sold in 15 countries. She took part in the Anthologies “Swords In The City” and “Swords In The Sea”. She collaborates with Claymore – symphonic progressive black metal band in the “Between Two Worlds” project, with which they toured in Europe in 2015, as messengers and faces of the city of Ruse as well as representatives of Club Dreaming, a NGO.

The present book, which the reader is holding in his hands is an uncompromising proof of the successful collaboration of the fantasy and horror genre, delicately and cleverly presented by the skillful hand of a Sorceress with quill (or sword) in hand.

Valentin Popov


„When I sit in front of the blank page, images and scenes suddenly gather, demanding to be written down and told.

Each brings its own charm. Each take on its own life. Each hero leads me on his path of adventures, and often I do not know where the story will lead me.  

Are the grey mouse’s dreams Your dreams?

Is the moon boy’s hope Your Hope?

Are You looking for salvation in the Sea deeps or in the blood’s Legacy?

Which one is Your road – the road of Vengeance or the Rose path?

This book will share some of my dreams, hopes and fears. Maybe it is just a book of fairy-tales, but maybe it will show You my darkness or my love.  

Judge it for yourself, You, My Reader.“

Lady Pol the Beloved


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